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Perlas Naturales Cultivadas. Perlas Naturales Cultivadas.
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Elastic ring - 5 x 5 mm Multicolor Button pearls
Elastic ring - 5 x 5 mm Multicolor Button pearls
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06.Elastic ring - 5.5 x 5.5 mm White Button pearls

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General Conditions General Conditions
Its order supposes its acceptance of these General Conditions, that they have as only aim obtaining more favourable surroundings for the electronic commerce.

Presentation of the product / Prices / Certified and quality / Guarantee of Manufacturer / Returns / Information to the international customer / Scope General Conditions / Requested & Contract / Validity Price and Terms of payment / Deliveries / Responsibility / Greater Force / Consumers Rights / Modifications / /Confidentiality. Law protection of data/ Jurisdiction. Applicable law/

Presentation of the product Articles OPERLA appears in cases of the mark, devised for the correct sweating and pearl protection. We reserved the right to send your purchases presented in cases OPERLA or stock market of black velvet OPERLA, according to characteristics of the piece to serve.

Prices All the prices have V.A.T. (European Tax) exclusive.
For the shipments outside European Union, and in Spain:to the Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla V.A.T. is exclused.

For shipments in Spain and European Economic Community, 16% V.A.T. tax will be inclused.
For shipments outside the European Economic Community, it reads the section Information to the international customer at the end of this page.

The expenses of shipment are not including in the price, and are including in the final budget, taking care of destinies and weight.

It invoices the shipments are enclosed with the invoice, that is elaborated taking care of the data facilitated by the client at the moment for creating OPERLA Account. (see point Confidentiality. Law of protection of data)

Certificate and Quality
OPERLA uses for its designs natural first quality material, enclosing to each piece a QUALITY CERTIFICATE that describes the characteristics of the jewel.

Gold of 18 Ktes.
Silver of 925 / ooo
Natural Freshwater Pearl
Natural Cultivated Freshwater Pearl
Natural Cultivated South See (Australian) Pearls
Semiprecious Natural Stones
Japanese Red Chorale.

Guarantee of manufacturer
OPERLA is jewellery shop manufacturer and puts under all its products exhaustive controls of quality. All our articles enjoy two years of guarantee by defects in their manufacture.
In the case of jewellery shop articles, this guarantee is applied in the qualities of the used materials. It is said that a jewel is for all the life, and we want that thus it is. If you detect some failure that is imputable to a bad manufacture or to a deficiency in the materials with which she has made, please, she contacts immediately with us to give solution as rapidly as possible to his problem.

OPERLA reserves the right to decide if the incidence corresponds to a defect of manufacture or another cause.

Before giving back any article, will have to write to us to pedidos@operla.com, to have certainty of the return.
The term to return some article is 15 days from the reception of the same one, being the expenses of transport on behalf of the client.
The article return payment will be made to the reception of the same one by means of banking transference. In the interior of the package of return the number of the account must be enclosed where to make the return payment.

When some article arrives in badly been, the term to communicate it to us by electronic mail is 48 hours.
In this case the expenses of transport would be in charge of OPERLA.

If the package arrived in badly been, write it in the letters patent of the carrier before it goes away. Thus it will be easier that the insurance of the agency covers the possible damages that the order has suffered.

Keep the articles that have arrived in badly been in case the agency of transports happens to gather them.

Information to the international customer
For the customers who reside in the United States not applies taxes to him of the European Union, but if the own ones of its country, reason why the transport agency will ask for the payment of 4.2% on the total amount, for taxes.

In Countries like Switzerland, Turkey, Israel or Norway are not applied taxes of the European Union. In these cases the transport agency asks for to the clients the payment of the local taxes by transport. The local Chambers of Commerce can offer detailed information more on this subject.

The following table compiles the percentage applicable to each one of these countries:
Arab Emirates: 4%
Australia: 5%
Bahamas: 35%
Brazil: 22,5%
Canada: 2,5%
Costa Rica: 9%
Cuba: 15%
Chile: 7%
China: 12%
Dominican Republic: 8%
Ecuador: 20% Egypt: 5%
Estonia: no fee
Guatemala position: 20%
Hong Kong: no fee
Israel position: no fee
Japan : no fee
Korea : 8%
Mexico: no fee
New Zealand: 7%
Peru: 12%
Philippines: 3%
Poland: no fee
Russia : 15%
Taiwan: 5%
Thailand: 10%
Uruguay: 22,5%
Venezuela: 20%

The contributed information above are extracted of the page Web Dg Trade European Commission must be taken ONLY as a guide for our customers the taxes and norms in the international trade are turned out from too complex managements to be treated here, reason why we recommended go to their local Chambers of Commerce to need the information.

Scope General Conditions
These General Conditions are applicable to all described sale or service in our announcements, budgets, Internet or verbally. Any modification will be made in writing, by OPERLA. Any other terms or conditions are excluded.

Order & Contract
The orders will be accepted in writing via electronic mail, and binding once they will be only accepted by banking organization by means of Confirmation of the Order. The banking organization must verify the Confirmation of the Order and notify to us, immediately, by electronic mail, any error. In opposite case, the description in the Confirmation of the Order will happen to integrate this contract.

OPERLA right is reserved to give back the paid amount and to annul the order. This right will be exerted before irregularities in the procedure or suspicions of crime.

Validity Price and Terms of payment
The budgets, or economic supplies, are only valid in writing, and during the term that in them is indicated. Of not indicating no term, this one will be of 30 days the payment will take place at the moment for formulating the order. OPERLA can suspend to the delivery or service until his total payment.


The deliveries in Spain have a term between 4 and 8 days labour, according to locality.
The transport agency is Correos or Fedex.

The deliveries in the rest of Europe have a term between 6 and 12 days labour, according to country and locality.
The transport agency is Fedex or Correos Internacional.

The International, non European Community deliveries, have a delivery time between 6 and 12 days labour.
These deliveries are made through Fedex or Correos Internacional.

The indicated downtimes are approximated and nonbonding. The delivery place is indicated in the Confirmation of the Order. OPERLA reserve its right to recover the property on product in case of non-payment of the price.

This page Web is OPERLA property. All the rights of their content, of the images, texts, design and software are OPERLA property. All the elements of this page, including without limitations, their design and its content are protected by the laws of the Intellectual Property, Industrial Property and international treaties referred the Rights of Author.

Although OPERLA puts the maximum effort in guaranteeing the precision and exactitude in the content of this page Web, this one can contain errors or inaccuracies. Consequently, we cannot totally guarantee the veracity, the reliability or the exactitude of its content.

Under no circumstance, OPERLA will be responsible for damages arisen from, or in relation, to the use of this Web page. OPERLA any damage will have to be compensated that is from the breach on the other hand of the present conditions or the use of the content of this Web without previous authorization.

Force greater
OPERLA does not accept responsibility by delays caused by circumstances that escape to their reasonable control and will have right to a prorogation for its execution; like example of these circumstances, strikes, problems of transport, provision or production, fluctuations of types of change, governmental action and natural disasters are included.

If the cause lasted more than 2 months, this agreement could be solved by any part, without right to compensation.

OPERLA the right is reserved to change to the content of this page Web, at any time and without previous warning.

Consumers Rights
If you are a Consumer, no provision in this contract will affect in way some the imperative dispositions in the matter of consumers.

Law protection of data the confidentiality in the payment is guaranteed by means of a module of safe payment called Cyberpac of "la Caixa". The Cyberpac of "la Caixa" at any moment guarantees the confidentiality of the data, since the retailer does not know the data financial the buyer, and "la Caixa" does not know the articles that the client buys, only the amount the purchase.

OPERLA and "la Caixa" guarantees that all the data gathered through the form will be used in the form and with the limitations and rights that Statutory law 15/1999 grants, of 13 of December of Protection of character Personal Data (LOPD). The treatment and management of such fulfils the stipulated thing in Real Decree 994/1999, of 11 of June, by that the Regulation of safety measures of the automated files is approved that contain personal data.
You authorizes to OPERLA for the use and computer science treatment of the personal data that it facilitates, that will be used to provide information to him of our conditions of distribution, the promotion of products and services of OPERLA and with historical aims. You will be able to exercise his rights of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation of his personal data, in accordance with the established thing in the effective norm on protection of personal data, going to OPERLA (C/Zarauz, 36 Entlo. 12100 CASTELLON - Spain - consultas@operla.com)

Jurisdiction. Applicable law
This sale service is regulated by LAW 34/2002, of 11 of July, services of the society of the information and of commerce electronic.(LSSICE).

The purchases made in OPERLA On line are put under the Spanish effective norm and the rest of concordant legislation, being understood made the purchases in OPERLA, Registered trademark of Mª Jose Gil Gras NIF: J-29184069 with social address in C/Zarauz, 36 Entlo. 12100 CASTELLON (Spain).
With respect to any discrepancy or divergence that could arise on the fulfilment or the interpretation from the reached agreement of purchase, or some of their conditions, the parts are put under the Courts and Courts of CASTELLON.

The agreement of Vienna on contracts for the international sale of merchandise is excluded.

If any provision in this contract were declared by a Court like inapplicable disabled person or, the rest of the same ones will not be affected.



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Coco Chanel (Saumur, 19 de agosto de 1883 - París, 10 de enero de 1971)1 fue el seudónimo de Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel....

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